2014/15 Monthly - Regular West Sound Beekeepers Association meetings are at 7:00p.m. on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at Stedman's Bee Supplies located at 3763 NW Anderson Hill Road, Silverdale, Washington. (Except where noted below)

  • 2017
  • Tue Jan 17 7pm -
  • Tue Feb 21 7pm -
  • Tue Mar 21 6pm - March only - special location: Silverdale United Methodist Church 9982 Silverdale Way NW, Silverdale, WA (Meeting incorporated into the Beginner class)
  • Tue Apr 18 7pm -
  • Tue May 16 7pm -
  • Tue Jun 20 7pm -
  • Tue Jul 18 7pm -
  • Sat Aug 20 Noon til 4pm - Picnic (no presentation)
  • Tue Sep 19 7pm -
  • Tue Oct 17 7pm - Annual Meeting (Elections, Budget Approval)
  • Tue Nov 21 7pm -
  • Tue Dec 19 6pm - Dinner (Potluck Dinner/Auction/Party)..oh yea...Silverdale United Methodist Church 9982 Silverdale Way NW, Silverdale, WA

2017 WSBA Board Meetings are at 6:00p.m. on the 3rd Tuesday of every month prior to the general meeting at Stedman's Bee Supplies located at 3763 NW Anderson Hill Road, Silverdale, Washington. For 2017, the Board Meetings will be held an hour prior to the regular general meeting and will be limited to 45 minutes so they do not disrupt the begin of the general meeting. All members are invited to come early to the general meeting and attend the board meetings and participate in the discussions to help steer the association's activities and events in a direction you would like to see it go. If you have grand ideas or plans or simply have some time to kill, please stop by. If you do not have grand ideas but have some time, the board might be able to find some fun or exciting tasks to send your way.

There is usually a wealth of beekeeping knowledge at the board meetings if you are looking to get advice for some of your beekeeping situations.

  • Tue, Jan 17 6:00pm Board Meeting (finalize schedule for the year)
  • Tue, Feb 21 6:00pm Board Meeting (Final Preparations for beginner class)
  • Tue, Mar 21 6:00pm Board Meeting (Apiary Preparations)
  • Tue, Apr 18 6:00pm Board Meeting (Spring Events focus)
  • Tue, May 16 6:00pm Board Meeting ()
  • Tue, Jun 20 6:00pm Board Meeting ()
  • Tue, Jul 18 6:00pm Board Meeting (Summer Events focus, Assign Budget Committee)
  • No Board Meeting in August ()
  • Tue, Sep 19 6:00pm Board Meeting (prep for elections/next budget)
  • Tue, Oct 17 6:00pm Board Meeting ()
  • Tue, Nov 21 6:00pm Board Meeting (New officers, begin planning for next year)
  • No Board Meeting in December

About our meetings...

2017 (General Meeting format)- The meeting usually starts promptly at 7pm. The president chairs the meeting. With each new president, the flow of the meeting varies somewhat. A typical meeting would spend 5 or 10 minutes for greetings and announcements. Then have a discussion generally prompted by member questions or ongoing hive problems. We may have discussions of upcoming association events. at some point we usually have a break then have a presentation of some sort following the break. The presentations are typically an hour or less and the meeting usually ends before 9pm. When we are organized, we post the presenter and topic on the website. After the meeting, some leave quickly and others stick around to ask and answer questions or trade stories and tales.

The general membership meeting is open to all members, guests, and visitors. If you are interested in beekeeping or want to talk with a beekeeper, please stop by a meeting. Please check the news and events page for presentation topics and times for all of the meetings.

From April through September there are also be events at the apiary prior to the general meetings. These may be formal demonstrations, apiary tasks looking for volunteer assistance, questions answered, or "I don't know, lets look in a hive to find out' sessions. Please check the news and events page for more details on these events. It may be a challenge to get us out of the apiary and up to the meeting room for for the meeting to start.

Board Meetings- The Board meetings are open to all members. The focus of these meetings are to take care of the business end of the association, committee tasking, and planning for the association activities and events. Once word gets out as to the material discussed at these meetings, I would expect more than just officers and committee members to start showing up. Just hearing on what is currently happening with the association apiary makes this meeting worth attending.

Picnic In August the general meeting is held as a summer potluck picnic, location and actual time to be determined when the time gets close. In December the Association hosts the annual dinner meeting at a restaurant in conjunction with the popular annual WSBA auction.

Generally about 25-40 members are in attendance as well as a couple of visitors. As expected, spring meetings are a bit more crowded than fall meetings. Guests and prospective members are most welcome to drop in on any meeting. Regular membership dues are (Reduced to $20 from $24 starting 2015) per year.

If you require assistance with directions to get to the meeting location or general questions abount the meetings please contact one of our officers or board members.

Map of the meeting location: