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2012 Calendar for West Sound Beekeepers Association events Click Here. for 2012 West Sound Beekeeper Association events. It shows the meeting times, class times, and special event times.
Monthly - Regular West Sound Beekeepers Association meetings are at 7:00p.m. on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at Stedman's Bee Supplies located at 3763 NW Anderson Hill Road, Silverdale, Washington. (The August meeting takes the form of a picnic and the December meeting takes the form of a dinner party.) The Plannded presentations so far are (modified 1/11/12):

  • Tue Jan 17 7pm - David Mackovjak "Queen Rearing"
  • Tue Feb 21 7pm - Dana Coggin "Noxious Weeds and Beekeeping"
  • Tue Mar 20 7pm - Steve Shepard "WSU Queen Breeding Program"
  • Tue Apr 17 7pm - Paul Lundy "Honeybee Anatomy"
  • Tue May 15 7pm - David & Maria Mackovjak "Andalusian Apiaries & Some of Europe's Finest Honey"
  • Tue Jun 19 7pm - Brian Fisher "Controlled Pollination"
  • Tue Jul 17 7pm - Panel of experts "Open Questions and Answers"
  • Sat Aug 18 Noon - Picnic (no presentation)
  • Tue Sep 18 7pm - Louis Matej From Pierce County Beekeepers Association "Honey"
  • Tue Oct 16 7pm - Elections for Officers
  • Tue Nov 20 7pm - Elijah Hutsell ""
  • Tue Dec 18 6pm - Dinner (Auction/Party/Potluck?)..oh yea...

2012 WSBA Bee-ginner beekeeper Class February - June

There are 10 sessions covering 10 topics. All sessions are held at Stedman's Bee Supplies located at 3763 NW Anderson Hill Road, Silverdale, Washington. Half of the sessions will be from 6:00pm to 6:45pm on the 3rd Tuesday of the month Feb - June. The remaining sessions will be the Saturday following the 3rd Tuesday at noon. The monthly association meetings are at 7pm on the 3rd Tuesdays immediately following the bee-ginning sessions. Class attendees are highly encouraged to stay and attend the meetings. The focal point of the meeting is generally a presentation given by a member or guest about a topic of intrest and importance to beekeepers. There is also discussion time to talk about current concers of the day.

For the Saturday sessions beginning at noon, there will be a 45 minutes to cover the topic, followed by an open book 20 question test covering the Tuesday and Saturday material. Then if the weather cooperates, there will be some instruction at the apiary. Else, there will be time for questions without the Tuesday time constraints.

To take the class, It will cost you $24 for a one year membership in West Sound Beekeepers Association and you will want to purchase the study guide for $10. (Note: The membership is a family membership). The membership also gets you access to the associations library, meetings, yahoo group, and the many knowlegeable members at the meetings and events. Click for Membership Form

This class is arranged to help you get started in your first year of beekeeping. There is no way to cover everything you will need to know, but the bees have a way of letting you know if you are doing something not quite right. The schedule is as follows (modified 4/20/12):
  • Tue Feb 21 6pm - The Honey bee and her products (Paul Lundy)
  • Sat Feb 25 noon - Beekeeping equipment (Bill Jurgen)
  • Tue Mar 20 6pm - Making a Start in Beekeeping (TJ Jorgenson)
  • Sat Mar 24 noon - Spring Management (George Purkett)
  • Tue Apr 17 6pm - Diseases and Pests (Paul Lundy)
  • Sat Apr 21 (no class) 10, 11, 1, and 2 Package Bee Demo at Stedmans (subject to package arrival)
  • Tue May 15 6pm - Honeybee Mites
  • Sat May 19 noon - Swarms and Swarming
  • Tue Jun 19 6pm - Summer Management and Honey Production
  • Sat Jun 23 noon - Fall Management
  • Tue Jul 17 6pm - Pollination, Queen Rearing, Marketing

2012 WSBA Queen Rearing events May - Aug The Queen Rearing Group is a special interest group within the association focused on learning and teaching the art of queen rearing and queen breeding. 2012 Goals for the Queen Rearing group of West Sound Beekeeping Association (WSBA):
  • 1. Explore and document different physical methods of queen rearing
  • 2. Educate both the Queen Rearing group and the WSBA on queen rearing
  • 3. Provide quality queens to the Queen Rearing group and WSBA
  • 4. Investigate and conduct hygienic testing
  • 5. Explore drone management methods
  • 6. Invite at least two other local beekeeping associations to our queen rearing meeting
  • 7. Practice Artificial Insemination of Queens to develop skills within the association

The Queen Rearing group is open to all members who are interested in learning about the art of queen rearing or would just like to learn more about bee keeping. The queen rearing events will begin with a short presentation on theory followed by hands on practice. Learning about queen rearing helps you expand
  • Sunday, May 6 Queen rearing presentation/practical, 1-3 pm Stedmans
  • Sunday, Jun 10 Queen rearing presentation/practical, 1-3 pm Stedmans
  • Sunday, Jul 8 Queen rearing presentation/practical, 1-3 pm Stedmans
  • Sunday, Aug 12 Queen rearing presentation/practical, 1-3 pm Stedmans
Advanced Beekeeping in the Pacific Northwest 2012 Join us for our Advanced Beekeeping Course Saturday June 30th, 2012 8:30am- 4:30pm here at our West Sound Beekeeping Association located at Stedman Bee Supplies. This course is for seasoned beekeepers and for people that have already taken the Basics course and need a refresher course. Some beekeepers have kept bees for years, but because they keep repeating the same mistakes they are not gaining years of beekeeping experience. Instead they are stuck in being a first year beekeeper year after year. Take the next step, and leap into becoming a better beekeeper! We'll take a more in depth look at swarm prevention, splits, overwintering hives, pests & disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention, increase honey yields and tricks of the trade. There will be hands on demonstrations in the afternoon so all beekeepers must bring a hat and veil or suit. For example you will have the opportunity to participate in activities such as making splits, sugar rolls, sugar dusting and mite counts, hygienic testing, etc. Download Details and Registration Form

  • European Honey Bee Biology
  • Types of Flowers Used
  • Equipment Use Review
  • Workings of the Hive
  • Swarm prevention
  • Splits
  • Varroa Mite, Tracheal Mite & Nosema
  • Seasonal Management
  • Pulling the Surplus Honey
  • The Extraction Process
  • Honey Marketing
Advanced Queen Rearing in the Pacific Northwest 2012 Join us for our Advanced Queen Rearing Course Saturday/Sunday July 14th and 15th, 2012 8:30am- 4:30pm here at our West Sound Beekeeping Association located at Stedman Bee Supplies. This course is for beekeepers that are looking for hands on instruction for learning how to grow quality queens in their apiary. Also for beekeepers interested in the process and practice of growing queens. Download Details and Registration Form

  • Cloak Board Method of Queen Rearing hive setup
  • Mating Nuc Setup
  • Grafting
  • ...and more
2012 - For Teens interested in Beekeeping ...West Sound Bee Association is offering a study grant worth up to $200.00 in bee equipment, supplies, and help someone get started in beekeeping... To get more details, Click Here. Note: The forms may have old dates, but they still work.
Summer Picnic... Sat Aug 18 , 2012
Summer potluck Picnic... Sat Aug 18 , 2012 Noon til 2pm at Stedmans. Located under the large trees in field in the back. On hot days, there is shade and a nice breeze.
Look for more details in the August Newsletter.
Find us at the Kitsap Fair... Aug 22-26, 2012
We located with the Master Gardeners in the Presidents Hall.
We will have an observation hive as well as a couple table filled with information. If you have time, please stop by and visit the booth. Talk to the beekeeper(s) manning the booth if you are considering getting bees and becoming a beekeeper.
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