Swarm List

If you have a swarm of Honeybees that just landed in your tree and is swirling around in the air, Please go here to find a beekeeper to come and get them.

Swarm List for Kitsap County

Mentor List

If you want to get into beekeeping, or if you find yourself suddenly with a hive of bees, you may have a few questions. After reading a bit on the Web or in a book, you will have even more questions. We have beginning classes before regular meetings. There is a wealth of information presented at the meetings, and other events for queen rearing, journeyman studying, etc. But, If you cannot wait and need answers now, there are several beekeepers offering up a phone number and are willing to help and assist you. We call this a mentor list. More than likely, if they can help you over the phone, they will. If a phone call is not enough they can probably meet with you and demonstrate. If you are unable to contact the one closest to you, call the others until you reach someone, especially if it is urgent like some beekeeping questions are.

South Kitsap:

George Purkett, (360)895-9116, george@WestSoundBees.org

Central Kitsap:

David Mackovjak, (360)340-0381, davidm@WestSoundBees.org
Jason Deal, (360)373-6587, jason@WestSoundBees.org
Stan Jorgensen, (360)620-0561, stan@WestSoundBees.org

North Kitsap:

Paul Lundy, (360)297-6743, paulL@WestSoundBees.org


Jean Ball, (360)-301-4415, jeanb@WestSoundBees.org

Bainbridge Island:

Dennis Heeney, (206)842-5545,

If you would like to be added to the mentor list please contact George Purkett at